Cocooned by the jungle on a pristine stretch of the Caribbean coast lies a communal playground for the creative community. Papaya Playa lets you reconnect to nature with an urban spirit.




Our history

In December 2011, Design Hotels™ ventured to conceive a destination in paradise along the Mexican Caribbean coast on what we call now Papaya Playa Project. Together with Emilio Heredia, they created a space for like-minded, creative individuals to unwind and connect with self and nature.


Our Vision

Papaya Playa Project, together with Design Hotels™, has set out to discover a new form of hospitality, merging local culture, and sustainability to set the stage for original and aspirational hospitality experiences. Most importantly the Project is a cornerstone in the manifestation of our vision of a sustainable and responsible Tulum that can be an example of hospitality development around the world.




Dotted along the beach and nestled in the jungle, the simplicity of the rooms is what lends them their special charm. The resort's restaurant overlooks the azure waters, where diners can enjoy locally sourced specialties; along the beach, drinks and snacks are served from late morning until late evening at the resort's beach club. In addition to massages and beauty treatments, guests can also enjoy yoga, tai chi and meditation to complete the holistic circle.

Being linked to the best DJs in the world, Papaya Playa makes music a key component of the experience. All communal areas encourage creative collaboration – there’s an amphitheater on the beach, where guests can come together to perform, present or communicate in their chosen fashion with music, readings, inspiring lectures and more.

Papaya Playa Project is a destination for those looking to merge nature, relaxation, and spirituality.



Our mission at Papaya Playa Project is to promote a holistic and spiritual life, consciously responsible with nature and with our community. Our values are respect and modesty, simplicity, celebration through music and art, the cordiality between human relationships and the common benefit of our community. It is a destination for those looking to merge nature, relaxation, and spirituality. It offers physical, emotional, sensual, and intellectual experiences. The Papaya Playa Project exudes healthy creativity.



On July 2015 we launch our mission to achieve a ”zero emissions and zero contamination community by June 2018”. Since then we have been learning and working with passion and conviction with  a team of experts implementing proven technologies, changing paradigms and administrating better energy sources to the point were today we have achieved “zero aquifer contamination, and reduced carbon emissions by almost 66% in comparison to pre-mission levels”.


We are developing a multi-purpose Health Corridor for guests and visitors to experience a variety of culinary, cultural and enriching shopping experiences on site.  Immersed in nature, this corridor will provide a place where guests can interact with domestic artists, well-known musicians, holistic and alternative medicine practitioners.




Tulum is one of the world’s best beach destinations. As such, it has caught the attention of the international creative community who thrive in this environment where inspiration is infectious and simple pleasures are rediscovered luxuries. 

The best hotels are deeply rooted in their local settings, reflecting their surroundings as they create authentic experiences within them. Therefore Tulum is an integral part of Papaya Playa. It is around and within it - whether in the form of materials in the cabanas,resources in the kitchen or providing guests with tailored local journeys that stay with them years after.