Tulum has become a destination on its own - a small town on the Riviera Maya that has just recently been legally recognized as an independent municipality where previously it was part of Solidaridad, the municipality of Playa del Carmen. As such it has caught the attention of the international creative community who thrive in this environment where inspiration is infectious and simple pleasures are rediscovered luxuries. 

Tulum has organically and positioned itself as an internationally preferred leisure destinations for those looking to merge nature, relaxation, and spirituality through a holistic approach that could be linked to what we know as the 4th and 5th stage of luxury.

The best hotels are deeply rooted in their local settings, reflecting their surroundings as they create authentic experiences within them. Therefore Tulum is an integral part of Papaya Playa. It is around and within it - whether in the form of materials in the cabanas,resources in the kitchen or providing guests with tailored local journeys that stay with them years after. 


Our Vision for Tulum

Tulum has carved its own separate, green identity. It has already positioned itself as a leader in sustainable and ecological tourism, which has started to take a major role in the Riviera Maya, a region known for the conservation of natural, cultural and anthropological resources. This distinguishes Tulum from other tourist areas and provides a very good opportunity for Tulum to continue to develop a niche destination with its own special personality. 

Tulum embodies the fusion of nature, leisure and spirituality. It offers physical, emotional, sensual and intellectual experiences. In keeping with this, Tulum will be shaped along sustainable and social principles. In this regard, we have started an initiative, called United for Tulum, in which business owners, government officials and civil society have come together to work on this vision. The first blossoms of their hard work resulted in the signing of a Memorandum on July 1st, 2011 in Tulum of Quintana Roo. We see our vision for Tulum starting to manifest.

Additionally, the projects within our property are key for the manifestation of our vision of a sustainable and responsible Tulum that can be an example of hospitality development around the world. Learn more about our sustainable and responsible projects below: