The Papaya Playa Beach Club
is a multipurpose facility. It combines a double-decker bar that overhanging the beach advances toward the ocean; multilevel semi-amphitheatre space with private seating enclaves and steps leading to the dance/performance sand-floor below, dropped against the infinity view ahead; two spacious oceanfront palapas which serve ideal meal- and social-time hideouts in times of the weather; 360° wooden "skyscraper" observatory rising above the property offering a vantage point private table area; and a generous stretch of beach appointed with serviceable sun beds and shaded hanging beds palapitas.


In the daytime
during the week, the guests enjoy typical beach activities while being served light food and drinks, accompanied by easy, funk and soulful music from the extensive playlists of resident and guest DJs.

Papaya Playa Project DJ


On the weekend, the club hosts late night events involving live gigs and sets played by international musicians and major-league DJs touring around Mexico. In this capacity, the club is an especially popular destination – one of the kind in the region – attracting the music-loving and party-going audience from around the world. It is especially renown for its monthly Full Moon sessions.




The beach club is also a site for various intercultural and community events, among which is the "Kids on The Beach" social responsibility program, offered to parents traveling with children. It involves bringing kids from remote Mayan communities to make them meaningfully interact with their international and more fortunate peers. Contact is provided through creative and educational games such as the Mayan Pottery classes.   

Whoever is interested in extra-active recreation will find on the beach a rental shop and school run by Sian Macondo, the top Mexican kite-surfer and would be one's ultimate instructor in mastering the wind and waves.

Papaya Playa Beach