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Closer at Papaya Playa Project

Closer at PPP

Get CLOSER in Tulum

On January 10th, multiple sonic languages will be reunited under the sky of Tulum to celebrate diversity, union and an authentic love of art and music. Papaya Playa Project will transform into a theatre where primal, ancestral landscapes merge with futuristic cosmic visions. You will be the alchemist charged to create symbiosis between these elements and make us all become CLOSER.



Caravan Gitane & Gem&Bolt & Zapotec Death Poems


"Through every forest above the trees

Within my stomach scraped off my knees

I drink the honey inside your hive

You are the reason I stay alive" 

(cit. NIN - Closer)

Music by (alphabetical order) :

Dj Three
Oona Dahl
Telefon Tel Aviv
<<<Sunset Special Guest>>> 

Arts and Crafts by:

Caravan Gitane
Zapotec Death Poems


Tickets can only be purchased through our Facebook group. 

Earlier Event: January 9