We are developing a multi-purpose Corridor for guests and visitors to experience a variety of culinary, cultural and enriching shopping experiences on site.  Immersed in nature, this corridor will provide a place where guests can interact with domestic artists, well-known musicians, holistic and alternative medicine practitioners.  

We are creating a place where guests can experience the authentic flavors, textures and smells that are unique to this region's food.  This food will include superfoods, supplements and more than 25 kinds of vegetables and ingredients to be organically cultivated on the property,  from the field to your plate.  No chemicals, transportation emissions or digital-water imbalances, only fresh, clean and healthy produce.  

papaya playa project tulum wellness

For present and future generations
, this Corridor will include three “Sustainable Brainstorm Cupulas” to host specialists, world influencers and or other people with similar values and goals.  Our guests can use these tree level arenas to debate, challenge, problem solve, inspire and establish relationships and or complete other items that may be necessary for them to produce proactive solutions to improve on existing and future environmental and or societal deficiencies on a global scale.

The resort is focused on helping guest to Be Well.
Our spa treatments, cold press juices, nutritional smoothies, organic market, and handmade products help the guest to be the best they can be by restoring their natural vitality, or Prana, to their mind and body offering. 



As the name suggests, the spa at the Papaya Playa Project takes a holistic approach with the aim to nurture the mind just as much as the body. The spa is a vibrant outdoor space on the beach where guests go for massages, beauty treatments, yoga and meditation. Mayan healing practices are an important component of the spa’s menu and a resident shaman is also on-hand. In addition to massages and beauty treatments at its unique spa, guests can also enjoy yoga, tai chi, and meditation to complete the holistic circle.  



Papaya Playa has a Juice Bar (PRANA BE WELL) dedicated to help people and enjoy their lives. Through wholesome, organic, and local products, the juice bar simplifies the healthy choices it takes to lead the lifestyle that guests desire. Cold pressed juices, smoothies, and buying organic food promotes a less toxic environment. 
Prana Juice Bar: where you can focus on you.  

PPP Prana Cold-press juice


Connecting body soul and mind. The  Spa at Papaya Playa Project is based on a cosmic-vision concept which joins together holistic, therapeutic and medicinal properties by stimulating the senses, thereby evoking an overall spiritual wellbeing and conveying emotional support, affection and respect. Set deep in the heart of mystical Mayan Tulum where a luscious jungle kisses a pristine beach, in this nurturing environment, you will find a new form of luxury – the one, of creating a real bond. Here, pleasure, travel and livelihood coexist in an eclectic style suitable for the inception of future ideas. Welcome to the Papaya Playa Project.

papaya playa project tulum yoga


The ceremony consists in thanking Mother Earth for everything we have. We also ask for help to remove from us all that is no longer needed.

The Temazcal is an ancient tradition, deeply rooted in the ancient Mexican culture. It can be understood through two fundamental aspects: one is the spiritual aspect and the other one is the physical, represented through the Temazcal shape, an igloo shape, representing the womb of our Mother Earth in which we work with its four elements: land, water, air and fire to purify and harmonize mind, body and spirit.

At the Papaya Playa you can be part of an Energy Cleansing Session. The spirits of nature and our ancestors are invoked by the Shaman in this old spiritual practice of traditional Mexican medicine. The Shaman cleanses ones energy utilizing the four elements of air, fire, earth and water, along with other tools Mother Nature offers.