Sustainability means life for future generations and integrity for the current one
— Emilio Heredia, Project Director at Papaya Playa Project

The name Papaya Playa Project is congruent with our mission to constantly seek to improve our natural surroundings, our community, and ourselves. We have therefore put into action an ambitious sustainability and social responsibility project to lead a more conscious operation and to inspire others to do the same.


Our project focuses on many key areas, such as solar energy, water treatment and recycling, gardening and plantations, local sourcing, fair trade, responsible construction, material recycling, and community involvement to reach our sustainability and social responsibility objectives.

This is a project managed
using measurable and accountable standards which demonstrate continuous improvement. Our goal is a totally sustainable project that is of true benefit to the region and community, promote a holistic and spiritual life, and consciously accept responsibility for Nature and our Community.


On July 2015 we launched our mission to achieve a zero emissions and zero contamination community.


Simply put, to the Papaya Playa Project, sustainability is everything. It means the protection of a healthy biodiversity and vibrant life for future generations and integrity for the current one. Sustainability also means Papaya Playa finding the best methods to support the local economy by interacting with locals and the traditional artisans as partners in the management of our natural resources and our relationship with Nature.

On July 2015 we launched our mission to achieve a ”zero emissions and zero contamination community”. Since then we have been learning and working with passion and conviction with a team of experts implementing proven technologies, changing paradigms and administrating better energy sources to the point where today we have achieved “zero aquifer contamination, and reduced carbon emissions by almost 66% in comparison to pre-emission levels”.



Solar Energy

PPP Green System eliminates Carbon Dioxide.

PPP will reduce carbon emissions by almost 99% annually by December 2018, by installing solar energy system (“Green System”), and will prevent carbon emissions of up to 1,000 kilos annually per room which means each single system and prevent up to 205 tones of carbon dioxide annually.

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This proven Green System works as follows: long copper collector “bars” are placed inside resistant and transparent glass pipes, that when exposed to the sun creates heat from the different frequencies of the ultraviolet radiation. Inside these copper pipes, there is an inexpugnable liquid that accelerates the exchange of thermal energy from and to the hot and cold water tank in an endless circulation process. The isolated and visually hidden tank is built to accommodate hot and cold water simultaneously. In these tanks temperature loss in a cooler nights should not exceed 3 degrees. This system works with up to 5 atmospheres of pressure and must be installed in a perfect inclination towards the South. It only takes 2.4 hours on a summer day for this tank to heat 150 litres and up to 5 hours on a cloudy day. Because PPP uses purified water that is very low in minerals, the maintenance on this system is almost null.

This Green System is made in Mexico in a factory that employs more than 150 people, is Certified Sustainable and has been operating since 1975. This fits perfectly with our Core Philosophy which is to assist the Domestic community to move towards sustainability and or to create a new and more desirable work place in Mexico. For existing and future generations, this Green System significantly reduces carbon emissions and we hope more entrepreneurs, business owners and households will join the PPP model of sustainability using the same transition to clean energy.


Clean Sustainable Water

We provide hundred-percent clean water for our guests.

Papaya Playa Project is a responsible hotel committed to highest standards, such as assuring the water which guests bathe in has the highest quality, while using the lowest energy consumption for treatment. Our drinking water is being transformed using the very latest environmentally friendly technology which also uses less energy for processing then typical systems. Pool water uses less chemicals and energy as well, for cleaning and enjoyment.


Gardening & Plantations

Equally critical, wastewater is treated and becomes recycled water for the irrigation of our plants and jungles. Our food is locally grown wherever possible and comes from organic gardens. Papaya Playa Project has an existing cashew nut orchard with 150 banana and coconut trees were we are planning to revitalize the soil naturally with micro-nutrients and organic fertilizers to revive the soil throughout the plantation while adding more trees. We are working on expanding our plantation with chickoo, papaya, pineapple, guava, jackfruit, breadfruit, banana, cashew, coconut, and watermelon.  


Responsible Construction & Recycling

The resort has retained 93% of the original jungle. This compares to the norm in the region of just 5%, and 30% which is the local environmental regulation.

The property in Papaya Playa Project could easily carry a 1,500 room all inclusive hotel if we followed the crowd like most developers along the Riviera Maya coast.  Replicating their business models such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen, would permanently create an ambient light pollution and so much competition for the stars that they would, somehow, disappear in the night sky. However, the resort has retained 93% of the original jungle. This compares to the norm in the region of just 5%, and 30% which is the local environmental regulation. 

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Trees would be slaughtered, a massive amount of concrete poured over Nature would extinguish all living species. In their place, giant swimming pools that suck up the precious water from the aquifer.

Beginning with our design phase and throughout construction, our methods, research and educated studies of the habitat of our animal species are used to insure a minimum invasive impact process are always undertaken. The new rooms are raised so that small animals may pass below and that growth may continue below the rooms; the effect on animal life is as unobtrusive as possible.

Recycling is a priority. In the construction many of our buildings use wood and other materials that have been thrown away for their “imperfection” by the local shops.


Local Materials & Fair Trade

Being on Mexican soil we reaffirm the ancestral and contemporary culture with pride and dignity. We are proud of Mexico and supportive of our Indigenous cultures and Artisan population.

Apart from technology systems, all of our products are purchased locally and within Mexico. We purchase at fair prices and follow fair trade rules wherever possible. Our food, crafts, decorations, furniture, fabrics, weaving, hammocks, and materials are all sourced from Mexican and Mayan artisans, and local providers. We strive to support our local artists who create and exhibit their work.


Community Involvement

Tulum embodies the fusion of nature, leisure and spirituality. It offers physical, emotional, sensual and intellectual experiences. In keeping with this, Tulum will be shaped along sustainable and social principles. In this regard, we have started an initiative, called United for Tulum, in which business owners, government officials and civil society have come together to work on this vision. The first blossoms of their hard work resulted in the signing of a Memorandum on July 1st, 2011 in Tulum of Quintana Roo. We see our vision for Tulum starting to manifest.

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EarthCheck, the next generation of environmental certification and benchmarking, has partner up with the Mexican government to take the Riviera Maya into a more conscious path and in the process certify a large community of hotels, restaurants and service providers. Papaya Playa is now enrolled in the program, so stay tuned to see where these initiatives take us.


Turtle protection

Each year, from May to October, sea turtles from around the world come to the beaches of Quintana Roo to lay their eggs. For 10 years now, Papaya Playa Project has been part of the local turtle protection program (Programa Local de Protección a la Tortuga Marina) in Tulum, being one of the key beaches in the region.

This year Papaya Playa has taken it one step further together with Fundación Orígenes Quintana Roo. A.C and the Ecology Directors of the Municipality of Tulum to create the most advanced turtle protection program in the region so far.

More about our program very soon!


PPP Turtle Protection Program

we believe we can put into place best practices with the ultimate objective to share a more sustainable, compassionate and pleasant world.  We hope that by sharing our social responsibility activities we inspire you to contemplate in what way you can join and contribute.