The restaurant is the central feature
of the Papaya Playa Beach Club.

It's service space is distributed around the club to include a double-decker bar that advances toward the ocean, overhanging the beach; multilevel semi-amphitheatre with private seating enclaves with the infinity view ahead and above;  two spacious oceanfront palapas; a 360° wooden tower rising above the property offering a vantage-point private table area; and a generous stretch of beach appointed with serviceable sun beds and shaded hanging beds palapitas.

Papaya Playa Project Cocktail
Papaya Playa Project Restaurant

The menu
is based on the recipes largely influenced by the Mayan and Mexican traditions with a touch of experimentation. Ingredients are sourced on the local organic market. Kitchen is often the host to famous international chefs invited to introduce their signature and thematic menus.



Morning, day or night
diners enjoy locally sourced specialties.

Along the beach, drinks and snacks are served
from early morning until late evening.