The Cocodrilo Beach Restaurant offers a menu based on native delicacies influenced by Mayan traditions, thus creating unmissable dishes and drinks as our own as the michelada.

Contemplating the beauty of the Caribbean Sea while delighting our taste is possible from 10am to 6pm.

Papaya Playa Project is the top venue for intimate wedding ceremonies in Tulum. Allow us to create a sacred union experience that will seal your love.

Our resident wedding planners will be delighted to take care of everything - from delicious catering, the perfect accommodations, relaxing spa treatments up to your gorgeous Welcome Party, rehearsal and sacred spiritual ceremonies by our upcoming cenote, barefoot on the beach or our magical chapel with an incredible view over the Caribbean Sea. We can host up to 200 guests in a memorable celebration.

Let your heart be filled with your guest’s love and intentions as you and your partner walk into the celebration. Our band is playing your song, the soft breeze caresses your face and there are candles all around. Everything is a perfect interpretation of your dream wedding: from the hair and makeup we catered earlier in the day, to the amazing video and photos that will let you relive this day forever.