Papaya Playa Project is ready to welcome guests with over 100 health and sanitation protocols in place.


Last updated: June 1st, 2020

As we approach the end of the shelter in place phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we prepare to reopen in June. Our world has shifted and for us at Papaya Playa Project, it has done so in a positive and more conscious vibration. We hope all our friends and family are safe and healthy, and that the journey inward humanity has taken, arrives to a safe haven, a place of reunion and gratitude, of adventure and celebration.

Papaya Playa Project is ready to welcome guests with over 100 health and cleanliness protocols in place. Our Health and Safety consultants have developed procedures that ensure that every person and life form in our premises is safe. We understand all or our guest’s concerns and listen to them with an open heart.

For our guest’s safety and peace of mind, some of our protocols include:

– Upon arrival, we check all our staff’s temperature

– Reduced occupancy in our facilities, including our restaurant, where tables are more spaced. On the beach, lounge chairs and cabanas keep a wide safe distance.

– Our staff, in this first phase, will continue to wear face masks, gloves in contact activities or when handling food and linens. All protective equipment will be changed constantly and a safe distance of 3 feet (1.5 meters) is kept at all times, except for food delivery

– Our guests will be asked to confirm how often their room should be cleaned, as well as the hours, including night courtesy. Cleaning will only take place if the guest is not in the room.

– Prior to our guest’s arrival, we ask them to let us know how often they want their linens changed.  

– We have reduced the minibar service. Our guests can order what they wish to enjoy prior to arrival. Every item is properly sanitized.  

– Only the housekeeper can access a guestroom. Room service and luggage will be delivered to the door.

– Room Service will be delivered in a closed basket

– We continue to provide laundry service, but only items that can be machine washed with temperatures above 70ºC.

– Our pools are in the maximum safe degrees of chlorine and PH recommended for the elimination of bacteria and viruses

– Contact with concierge, cleaning requests, room service and any guest needs or questions are available from your phone with the PPP application. Guests will be able to have as much or as little human interaction as they feel safe with.


At the hotel we have implemented some measures to ensure maximum prevention


– 24 hour room occupancy waiting period

– Cleaning of air conditioning filters prior to each arrival

– We have migrated to sanitizing and cleaning disinfectants certified as antiviral

– For the sanitization of each room, we use disinfectant products and steam sanitization on all surfaces, walls, floors, doors, handles, glass.

– All linens, including protective mattress covers are replaced at every change of guests 24 hours before each arrival.

– We have provided sinks and disinfection stations at hotel access points, next to the beach and close to the rooms, and in all employee areas.

– Each staff area is permanently stocked with sanitizing gel and cleaning towels.

– Verification of temperature and symptoms among our staff are monitored on a daily basis.

– Our linens, earthenware, glassware and plates are washed at high temperatures for proper disinfection and are kept in closed cupboards.

– Our staff has received training for proper hand washing and disinfection and glove donning and changing between each activity

– Our surfaces, especially in kitchen and food areas, areas are cleaned and sanitized frequently.  

– At the beach, we use washable deckchairs that are changed with each use, and the towels are for individual use.

– Beach beds are steam sanitized once a day.

– We measure water levels constantly.

– Our activity equipment such as bicycles and yoga mats are disinfected before and after each use.

– Group activities have a reduced maximum of 8 people at a time, Temazcal operates at less than half its capacity, for 6 people maximum or, private sessions.

– Excursions are only done privately.

– All foods are prepared on the spot, with our kitchen staff wearing facemasks, using clean and disinfected products, and all hygiene standards, as well as the maximum recommended cooking temperatures.

– In the restaurant, we have the option of menus in the PPP application, so guests don’t need to handle printed menus.

Our commitment to our community, our guests and our planet started before this Pandemic and will grow and continue in the future. We understand this new world as an opportunity to evolve barefoot luxury and a new travel culture.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to inquire about our Long Stay Program and Future Travel Deals!

- The Papaya Playa Project Team

We will be posting a list of airlines already flying and committed to help you travel in a safe and secure way.