Tying the Knot in Tulum

At Papaya Playa Project, we understand that marriage is sacred — it is all about two souls becoming one in such a way that they are immersed in intimacy, peace, harmony, and luxury.

July 18, 2024


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We provide bespoke retreat-style weddings during which not only will you and your partner get married, but will also unwind, nourish and heal your souls, bodies, and minds, all while celebrating the love you have for one another.

At Papaya we’re dedicated to creating the perfect wedding for you and your partner — a very special and totally unique wedding package. One of a kind. A sheer indulgence just for two. It is a gift to yourselves as a couple that will not only celebrate your very deep and meaningful love for one another but will do so in a way that is nourishing, holistic, deeply personal, utterly sensual, and stress-free.

Couples will have the chance to arrange for one-to-one sessions with the most experienced practitioners in meditation, mindfulness, yoga, massage, Reiki, energy healing, and sound therapy — treatments and strategies of how to begin your new lives together and how to celebrate the wonders of married life, keeping the connection between your two souls very much alive.

Healthy and wholesome menus are all part of the package. Expect luscious smoothies for breakfast, energizing fruit and vegetable drinks, and meals which not only focus on taste, but are also restorative, healing, and gentle on the body.

Upon arrival, you and your guests will be received with copal, a bottle of water, and a locally made popsicle of natural fruits. The couples will then have a final appointment reviewing every aspect of the wedding, ensuring that the entire experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

The wedding packages include a wedding rehearsal, allowing the couple and those involved in the wedding a change to perfect the ceremony and tailor it to any and all individual wants and needs.

The big wedding day begins with a final check on all final details by the wedding planning team while the bride, groom, and family enjoy some personal time to share breakfast. When the time comes, the bride is provided with a master suite to prepare for the wedding with her bridesmaids, where she is brought her beautiful bridal bouquet. The groom is also given space to prepare with his groomsmen and family members.

After receiving the guests, the official wedding ceremony begins, tailored specifically to your individual wants and needs.

After the ceremony, a cocktail party is held to celebrate the newlywed couple, where guests are provided with drinks and small appetizers ahead of dinner. After the cocktail reception, the official dinner begins, bringing the couple, their family, members of the wedding party, and wedding guests all together to spend time and celebrate together over dinner.

After dinner, the celebration continues with the official Papaya Playa Project afterparty, where guests can join one of our several signature celebrations soundtracked by some of the world’s premiere and eclectic musicians and DJs. The morning after hosts the goodbye brunch for the closest members of the couple’s family and friends.

We realize that planning a wedding can become extremely stressful and overwhelming. For some couples, the ceremony and act of actually saying the vows – being united in a soulful, spiritual, and sincere love – is a very private and deeply personal moment. It holds great meaning. It’s a time for peace, intimacy, and inner reflection. A time to explore the future together, be mindful of the act of marriage, and to retreat from the stresses of everyday life. A time to disconnect from the routine, to hear that voice within, connect, and find one’s true, authentic self at Papaya Playa Project.


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