Papaya Playa Project welcomes you to diverse happenings, from private guided visits to the Star Collector to Immersions that inspire body and soul; and sponsor a residence by artist David Troice to create The Wave, an installation created with steel in a base of concrete made from seaweed. A portion of the sale of the piece will benefit a local charity through Global Pledge.

Each work of art is a universe that allows us to interpret our world, to understand that there are as many realities as there are perceptions. Nature and art come together to inspire a more profound understanding, a connection with emotion, music, and each other in the sacred space between the sun and the sea.


Star Collector by Papaya Playa Project is inspired by a legend which speaks of a fisherman catching with his net an artifact that was shining under the seabed. He takes it into his boat and puts it on top of a tower. The light that shone from the artifact seemed to be fed by the light of a star.

Branches were born from the tower, and roots grew from those branches. Soon, the artifact began to release particles of light, and then, dancing, it communicated with the plants, the stars and each living being in the jungle. The fisherman danced along with them and came to the realization that the artifact was made to allow humanity to understand that everyone and everything was made in the same way: we are all stardust.


Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 7pm-10pm



Papaya Playa Project supports the Global Pledge to create sustainable opportunities for Tulum's local community and promoting a culture that protects the environment. Global Pledge and PPP will donate proceeds from David Troice's The Wave artwork to a local NGO.

We pledge to "plant the seeds of sustainability that will cause a ripple effect that will propel our collective conscious and begin the healing process for all humanity on our fragile planet."


Papaya Playa Project, together with Design Hotels™, has set out to discover a new form of hospitality, merging local culture and sustainability to set the stage for authentic and aspirational hospitality experiences. It is a space for like-minded, creative individuals to unwind and connect with self and nature.

The Project is a cornerstone in the manifestation of our vision of a sustainable and responsible Tulum that can be an example of hospitality development worldwide.