Discover the beauty of art and nature at Papaya Playa Project

Step into a world of art and inspiration at Papaya Playa Project. Explore our property through private guided visits, discover unique art pieces, and immerse yourself in immersive experiences that will elevate your mind, body, and soul. Our art collection allows you to interpret the world in new ways, understand that there are as many realities as there are perceptions. The blend of nature and art creates a deeper understanding and connection to emotions, music, and each other in the sacred space between the sun and the sea.


Star Collector by Papaya Playa Project is inspired by a legend which speaks of a fisherman catching with his net an artifact that was shining under the seabed. He takes it into his boat and puts it on top of a tower. The light that shone from the artifact seemed to be fed by the light of a star.

Branches were born from the tower, and roots grew from those branches. Soon, the artifact began to release particles of light, and then, dancing, it communicated with the plants, the stars and each living being in the jungle. The fisherman danced along with them and came to the realization that the artifact was made to allow humanity to understand that everyone and everything was made in the same way: we are all stardust.

Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 7pm-10pm


Papaya Playa Project supports the Global Pledge to create sustainable opportunities for Tulum's local community and promoting a culture that protects the environment. Global Pledge and PPP will donate proceeds from David Troice's The Wave artwork to a local NGO.

We pledge to "plant the seeds of sustainability that will cause a ripple effect that will propel our collective conscious and begin the healing process for all humanity on our fragile planet."


Papaya Playa Project has installed an immersive audiovisual art piece in the library that takes visitors on a journey through a cenote, a natural swimming hole found in the Yucatan Peninsula. The installation is a combination of video projection, soundscapes, and lighting effects that create an immersive, multi-sensory experience. The video takes the viewer through the creation of a cenote, from the formation of the cave system to the crystal-clear water. The soundscapes and lighting effects change to mimic the natural environment and create a sense of tranquility and peace. Visitors are encouraged to sit, close their eyes and listen to the soundscapes to connect with nature in a closed space, leaving feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

SATELLITE by Gregg Fleishman

A new art piece, a freestanding version of the full-size Otic/Temple scale pod, can be found at Papaya Playa Project.
Inspired my math and geometry Gregg Fleishman a Los Angeles-based designer and builder known for his research in building methods and furniture design that has built structures at Burning Man and participated in local and international festivals. As part of our project we support and collaborate with creative minds with the intention to create a space where guests can feel free to explore new limits of creativity, filling the environment with inspiration by fusing art, nature and community.


An interactive art piece where guests can write down what they are thankful for and hang it on the tree. This practice teaches us to appreciate the present moment and all that we have in our lives. The tree is made up of hundreds of small pieces of cloth, each one representing a different thing that someone is grateful for. You'll find messages of gratitude for loved ones, good health, beautiful nature, and much more. The Gratitude Tree is more than just a beautiful art piece, it's a powerful reminder of the importance of gratitude in our lives. By writing down what we are thankful for and hanging it on the tree, we are actively practicing appreciation and learning to focus on the positive aspects of our lives. It's a simple yet powerful way to cultivate a sense of contentment and joy. So next time you visit Papaya Playa Project, make sure to take a moment to write down what you're grateful for and hang it on the Gratitude Tree


Papaya Playa Project, together with Design Hotels™, has set out to discover a new form of hospitality, merging local culture and sustainability to set the stage for authentic and aspirational hospitality experiences. It is a space for like-minded, creative individuals to unwind and connect with self and nature.

The Project is a cornerstone in the manifestation of our vision of a sustainable and responsible Tulum that can be an example of hospitality development worldwide.